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#1 Posted : 14 September 2013 18:01:15(UTC)

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Just to clarify, is it correct that it is impossible for the USB CEC Adapter in Combination to a LG TV (47LM640S in my Case) to use Power Commands ? So basicly anything that involves power off and power on (when one of the devices goes on it turns on the other one and vise versa) aswell as the XBMC "screensaver puts TV into standby" option does not work. right?

Thanks for your help in advance
#2 Posted : 15 September 2013 00:31:10(UTC)

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Hi! you should enable "simple link" setting in the input menu of your tv. i am using LG tv (55LM860V),htpc with openelec installed and cec adapter , when i am turning on (or waking up) my Htpc it turns on my tv , and when i turn off my tv the tv turns off my htpc. you can also use your tv to wake your pc from sleep but with lg tv it cant be done by just turning the tv on, you have to select the pc as your input source each time to turn on your pc by cec command. the only thing you cant do is turn off lg tv with your cec adapter according to this chart http://libcec.pulse-eight.com/vendor/support.
#3 Posted : 15 September 2013 19:35:09(UTC)

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Oh i have it enabled (also the Turn on / off option within it) , it does indeed work to navigate within XBMC, (Direction Arrows, Back, Enter, Pause, Play, Rewind, Forward, Stop and these.) But any Option involving Power Up or Power Down is not possible. I originally Planned to use the Screensaver options of XBMC and since i use my Android Smartphone to control XBMC.

So that XBMC will turn off my TV after 3 minutes of XBMC "inactivity" when the Screensaver starts. And then Turn the TV back on when the Screensaver goes off again. (because i use the Computer as a Server aswell, so it is always on)

But neither that nor any other funktion involving the TV to turn on / off the PC or vise versa works for me.

You said standby does not work, so actually it should be possible for XBMC to turn ON the TV when going out of Screensaver right? That would do one part of the trick already.
#4 Posted : 12 April 2014 15:10:00(UTC)

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Post is old but should help with anybody wondering the utility of this CEC kit with LG tvs. I bought a Pulse8 adapter and plugged it yesterday.
I have a 2 years old new 42LW5500 LG tv and performed firmware update today.
Power handling is handled correctly when:
- going to sleep on the TV, ie the HTPC will go to sleep.
- However, powering on again the TV will not wake up the PC and it seems a known limitation of CEC SW on the LG TV.
-In order to wake up the HTPC you will have to go to SIMLINK menu (from source menu / red button) and press a couple of times the recorder button, sometimes it works after 2 clicks sometimes 3. (by the way I also had to configure the USB devices on my windows7 to get to that poor result).

On top of this, colored button (Red/blue/Yellow/Green)events are not transmitted on the HDMI link and again it is a known limitation of LG. So no customization possible.
Indeed, you will get a couple of keys to work (arrows, exit button etc...)
Bottom line, you will switch off your solution by using LG remote control and power it on by using HTPC button !! ... and you will not be able to easily launch your media application with TV remote.

=> I don't see the value of this kit for any LG TV owner and would appreciate some kind of honesty from P8 people to clearly mention it (Unless they know situation is going to change in a near future from LG's side...).

=> to put the blame on the real guys here since I still believe this kit is a very good idea though: LG folks really have no idea what good SW means (overall GUI, embedded video player and navigator, DLNA implementation and now CEC ...). Their sole concern seems to be able to display comply-acronyms on product specifications.

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